Monday, November 18, 2013

Well, I suppose I'm NOT such a Pathological picture taker anymore... health issues have slowed me down some. Now I'm a Grandma taking pictures of her kids and grandkids... and the occasional picture for friends and family... I've picked up tatting again... and I still love it. I have amassed a collection of vintage threads and a ton of pattern books. To use up some of the thread, I've created this little doily. It was originally intended to be a kitchen curtain, but I grew tired of the little flower motifs. I added a simple crochet chained edging just in case I decide to go back and add to it.
I've made a few other things -- see photos here:
Currently I'm working on a doily pattern that to me looks like a Queen Anne's lace flower. My daughter loves Queen Anne's Lace, so I'm making it for her. The pattern is rings only, so it's pretty simple, but requires constant measuring to get the lengths of bare thread consistent. Wish me luck! I'll post a photo when it's done.

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