Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I have truly enjoyed the two Tatting Exchanges I have been a part of so far! It was loads of fun coming up with what to send out to people -- and it's been fun getting a surprise box too!

Yesterday (Yep, right in time for Christmas!) I received a lovely surprise from Kristen Fink, a tatter and wife of an American diplomat living overseas in Russia! She sent me a postcard from the city of Vladivostok showing me the world's longest cable-stayed bridge, the Rusky Bridge. She also sent me two teeny tiny white plastic shuttles with two kinds of thread. She says the small shuttles are what they have available in Russia... They are hard to see in the picture -- look for the little flag stickers she put on the shuttles.  I'm halfway through tatting a bracelet with them and I have been pleasantly surprised at how handy they are! Kristen also sent me a RUSSIAN tatting book! Thankfully, it's got diagrams and she wrote a sweet note to help me decipher the book a little! Kristen even sent me a beautiful tatted bell ornament, made with teeny tiny size 80 thread!

My thanks to Aileen at Wicked Nothings for hosting the exchange! It's been fun!


  1. Very nice. I'm glad you got your box. Such neat things!

  2. Very nice. I'm glad you got your box. Such neat things!

  3. Oh hooray! I hadn't checked for a while, I'm so glad the package made it on time and that you like the little shuttles! I was so surprised when I found them here