Friday, February 21, 2014

When I'm Not Tatting...

When I'm not tatting, I'm here on the computer in our little home office, or at the dreaded doctors' office... or at an insulator show... or (best of all) playing with my grandchildren.

Someone pointed out that I hadn't posted a photo of my insulator collection... so here are a few of the hundreds on my computer:

My husband Kevin and I have collected insulators since our marriage, nearly ten years now, from all over the US, from Italy, France, Russia, and Australia. Some are old, some not. Some are pretty, some not so pretty. We love them all.

Here is one last picture of our insulator windows. It's a bit out-of-date. There are more shelves in the middle of the big window now, but you can get the idea what they look like. There's nothing more beautiful in the morning light, like stained glass windows, the colors just say "Good Morning!"

To see more insulator photos check out this link -- InsulatorsRAmazing

Of course, there are other things I do when I'm not tatting... like many, I watch too much TV and I don't spend nearly enough time outside...

So, what do you do when you're not tatting??

We have a lovely back porch and I really should spend more time out there...   I think I'll grab a cold drink and take my tatting outdoors to the porch swing!

Happy Tatting!

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  1. Look like a fun hobby to have. I collect bottles and sometimes I fill them with colored water and put a cork in them and set them in a window to give the same effect you have!